Associate Certificate in Takaful [ACT]

Executive Course in Islamic Banking and Finance [ECIBF]

One Week Executive Course in Islamic Banking and Finance

The one week Executive Certificate program is developed for Executives and Decision Makers in the Financial, Private and Public sectors who may be interested in acquiring knowledge in Islamic banking and financial system. It is designed to provide a basic but comprehensive understanding of the principles, nature and forms of Islamic banking and finance. It also provides a practical guide in the creation/conversion and operation of an Islamic Banking Window in a conventional Bank. The course will assist Executives that are considering the offering of Islamic financial services, in developing a business case by understanding the requirements and dynamics of the sector.

Course Objectives

  1. To train Executives desiring specialization in Islamic banking and finance in order to assist expansion in the banking industry.
  2. To introduce participants to instruments and techniques used in Islamic banking and finance, and appreciate the theoretical and practical aspects of Islamic financial engineering.
  3. To develop a sound understanding of the Islamic legal principles and doctrines associated with Islamic finance.
  4. To assist participants to develop the ability to critically evaluate the nature and economic benefits of various types of Portfolio investments; and reflect on the roles, skills and responsibilities needed for effective management of the Portfolio.
  5. To provide participants with the knowledge of the roles, skills and responsibilities needed for effective management and corporate governance of an Islamic Bank.

Structure and Duration

The Program is to be run full-time/in-house. It is structured for one week duration, of 4 days. A student should complete 4 courses of 15 credit hours each, for a total equivalent of 60 credit hours for graduation.

Course Contents/Syllabus

  • Issues in Islamic Economics And Finance
  • Islamic Banking Operations
  • Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Regulation in Islamic Banking
  • Case Studies


The program is intended for Middle and Senior Management Executives who want to explore opportunities in the area of Islamic Banking and Finance in their organizations and/or are looking to increase their own personal development in the field. Typical job titles, amongst others, include:

  • Chief Executive Officers [CEO]/Deputy CEOs
  • Managing Directors/Deputy MDs
  • General Managers/Deputy/Assistant MDs
  • Board Directors
  • Specialist Managers responsible for business development and strategic planning
  • Head of Human Resources


Teaching and Learning Methods

  • The Learning and Teaching is provided through lectures, seminars, group work and case studies.
  • Contact and feedback is typically provided through coursework assessments (eg. essays, tests etc), lectures, seminars, group-work, and one-to-one contact with staff within the personal tutoring system.
  • Class size shall not exceed 20 participants.


The Program fee structure is as follows:

Application processing fees                                 =N20,000

Course fees                                                              =N350,000

Fees are payable in advance. Course fees are refundable if the candidate decides to withdraw two weeks prior to the commencement of the course.