About Us

Our Mission

To provide exceptionally outstanding consultation, research and training services in the field of Islamic banking and finance that promote the Islamic Principles of socio-economic relationships, to enable our clients to excel and achieve their objectives; and to build bridges between people of different faiths to prosperity and cooperation through Shari’a based financial and banking services.

Our Vision

IBFIN aspires to become an international institute of excellence for Research, Consultation and Training in Islamic banking, Insurance, finance and economics.

Our Method

To implement the highest professional standards and methodologies in providing our services through the best Trainers and Consultants.

Our Values

Our values come from the values established within the Islamic Faith.

Equal Opportunity Policy

IBFIN does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, class, income, color, culture, social status, national origin, age, gender, sex and disability in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its programs, services and activities.

Our Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Institute are:

To provide counseling for the development, conception, implementation and certification of Islamic/Shariah compliant products within the segment of banking, Insurance, finance and other businesses.

To provide consultancy services for Banks, Insurance, and Finance Institutions, which intend to develop, concept and implement Islamic Financial System, either as Islamic Banking Window, Islamic Banking Branch, Stand-alone Islamic Bank or simply Islamic Banking Product(s).

To impart education and training to individuals and organizations desirous of getting acquainted with the laws of Islamic Banking, Islamic Insurance, Economics and Finance through Distance Learning, e-learning methods and contact programs in select centers.

To organize Executive Development Programs for working executives or graduates from Nigeria and abroad in the fields of Islamic Banking, Economics and Finance, Islamic Capital Market, Islamic insurance and Islamic Investments.

To conduct lectures, conferences and seminars on subjects related to Islamic Banking, Islamic Insurance, Economics and Finance.

To conduct Market Evaluation, Target Group Analyses, Marketing and Sales Execution for financial institutions which want to offer Islamic Banking/finance or Islamic Insurance.

To provide representative and supervisory services to corporate institutions as well as individuals in the execution of any Islamic financial transaction.

To conduct feasibility studies for, and arrange financing on behalf of corporate and individual clients.

To conduct and publish academic research in the field of Islamic Banking, Insurance, Finance, Economics and Business.

To provide Shariah Advisory on Islamic Bond Issuance.

To provide Sharia Advisory on Islamic Unit Trust.

Responding to consultation exercises with regulatory and government bodies as well as other institutions on improvement and changes required in the overall framework to build a level plying field for the Islamic financial services industry within the national and global financial systems; and

Establishing a forum for consensus building and to debate policy and dynamic issues among ulamas and Islamic finance professionals for a common vision and understanding as well as promote national and global fellowship and solidarity.

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