Our Team


IBFI operates with a network of national and international Researchers, Bankers, Finance Professionals and University Lecturers in this exciting field of Islamic Banking, Insurance, Finance and Economics, as resource persons. This experienced team includes world leaders from some Islamic Banks and Islamic Research Institutes, academic institutions, as well as from conventional financial sectors, in the world.

We allocate each course and consultancy job to the best Resource Person who is a subject-matter expert [and has passion for the topic] from the industry.


Our Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Sani Aminu Dutsinma, pioneered the Non-Interest (Islamic) Banking Scheme in Nigeria under the auspice of the then Habib Nigeria Bank Ltd (later Bank PHB and now Keystone Bank); from conception, design and implementation to staff training, advertisement and marketing. He was the Head of the Non-Interest Banking Scheme until his resignation in 2001.

Our MD/CEO holds a Master Degree in Banking and Finance; Master Degree in Public Policy and Administration; as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration (ASCON). He has Certificate in Classical Arabic and a Certificate in Tajweed.

Our MD/CEO has worked as Area Officer, in charge of Katsina State, in the defunct Nigerian Education Bank (formerly Students Loans Board); Habib Nigeria Bank Ltd (later Bank PHB, now Keystone Bank), where he established the Non-Interest Banking Scheme; he was twice appointed by the President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria to serve as State Coordinator and Chairman (in charge of Katsina State) in the National Poverty Eradication Program. He was a Presidential Aspirant in the Nigerian National elections of 2011, under the ruling party, The People Democratic Party.

He has attended several courses, workshops, symposium and seminars both national and international, related to Islamic banking, finance and economics, as well as other conventional areas. He has written several academic and non-academic papers (published and unpublished).

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