Faculties And Services

IBFIN attends to the specific needs of its clientele and offers a wide variety of Islamic financial services. IBFIN’s team of dedicated and experienced professionals is able to leverage their intellectual power relationships, network skills and significant experience for the benefit of their clients. IBFIN assists its clients in keeping up-to-date with the latest industry developments by offering demand-driven, value-added solutions.

The prime focus of IBFIN is on the following services.


IBFIN provides professional Islamic Consultancy services to its corporate and individual clients through a diligent team comprising of Ulamas and contemporary financial experts in order to make their overall business transactions shari’ah compliant. Some of our consultancy services include:

Comprehensive Consulting:

  • End-to-end consulting services to establish a stand-alone Islamic bank (Commercial or Microfinance) or Islamic [Takaful] Insurance
  • End-to-end consulting services to convert conventional (Commercial or Microfinance) bank to Islamic bank [or Takaful Company].
  • Consulting to establish an Islamic bank subsidiary for a conventional bank [or Takaful Company].
  • Consulting to establish an Islamic banking branch for a conventional bank [or Takaful Company].
  • Consulting to establish an Islamic banking window for a conventional bank [or Takaful Company].

Product development and enhancement: consulting services to develop new Islamic (shari’ah) compliant products and services, as well as enhance the existing products and services by a detailed gap analysis against the best practices.

IBFIN provides competent, well trained and highly motivated personnel as representatives or supervisors on behalf of corporate financiers as well as individuals in the execution of Islamic financial transactions in such areas as Mudarabah, Musharakah, Murabaha, Ijarah, Salam, Istisna, etc.

Provide necessary support mechanism for all Islamic financial transactions in such areas as:

  • Market Studies.
  • Research/Survey
  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Islamic Mutual Funds.
  • Islamic Capital Markets.
  • Sukuk—Islamic Bonds.
  • Takaful—Islamic Insurance.
  • Specialized Programs.

Shari’ah Vetting and Documentation: IBFIN provides Shari’ah vetting of legal documentation being used or to be used for Islamic financial transactions.

Assistance in evaluating and hiring employee.


IBFIN’s objective is to offer orientation and comprehensive training opportunities to develop the capabilities of interested and professional personnel in the field of Islamic banking, finance, economics and Islamic [Takaful] Insurance. This is done, insha-Allah, by organizing regular training courses, seminars, workshops and conferences on subjects and curriculums relevant to the needs of participants; publishing the proceedings of the seminars, workshops and conferences.

All IBFIN’s courses can be conducted in-house, world wide or at our Training Center, in Abuja, at the convenience of our client. Courses can be tailor-made to the client’s requirements.


IBFIN’s clients have the opportunity to choose between the various possible methods for the course/training delivery.

The First method offers participants a choice between a series of courses with a duration ranging from 1 to 5days.

  • One-day Course
  • Two-day Course
  • Three-day Course
  • Four-day Course
  • Five-day Course

The course contents are designed as a stand-alone, although each one may be seen as a prerequisite for the succeeding one.

The second training method provides a more flexible system of choice for the participants. The participants can choose from the variety of modules and create their own training program, according to their needs and convenience.

Each module is a 90 minutes period. Participants attempt a test at the end of each module. The modules are designed as stand-alone courses, although each module can also be seen as a prerequisite for the succeeding module. Participants are not required to have any prior knowledge of the subject area. At the commencement of each module, full documentation is required.

Module Contents

  • Module 1. Islam and Islamic Banking
  • Module 2. Islamic Banking Principles
  • Module 3. Balance Sheet analysis of Islamic Banks
  • Module 4. Murabaha-cost plus financing
  • Module 5. Mudaraba-Tier One and Tier Two*
  • Module 6. Musharika
  • Module 7. Ijara and Ijar-wa-iktina
  •  Module 8. Istisna and Parallel Istisna
  • Module 9. Salam
  • Module 10. Survey of the Islamic instruments
  • Module 11. Strategic issues faced by Islamic Banks*
  • Module 12. Risk analysis for Islamic banks*
  • Module 13. Liquidity management issues for Islamic banks
  • Module 14. Liability management issues for Islamic banks
  • Module 15. Asset management issues for Islamic banks
  • Module 16. Asset-Liability management issues for Islamic banks
  • Module 17. Islamic Capital Markets*
  • Module 18. Islamic Securitization*
  • Module 19. Innovation in Islamic banking
  • Module 20. Capital Adequacy for Islamic banks*
  • Module 21. Comparative Islamic banking
  • Module 22. Sukuk: Structures, Risks and Case Studies*
  • Module 23. Islamic Investment Principles
  • Module 24. Islamic Corporate Governance
  • Module 25. Regulatory framework for Islamic Banking
  • Module 26. Takaful – Islamic Insurance
  • Module 27. Accountancy Issues for Islamic Banks
  • Module 28. The Sharia and Islamic Banking
  • Module 29. Overview of the Industry.
  • Module 30. Islamic Microfinance.
  • Module 31. Interest [riba] in Islam and Christianity

*Two modules

Certificate courses [Institutional Collaboration]

To match the growth in manpower demand, particularly in Nigeria and other West African countries, the Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Nigeria, and The Institute of Administration, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, and in close contact with industry professionals around the world, introduced programs of study addressing the needs of Institutions and individuals who may wish to gain knowledge and qualifications in the field of Islamic financial system.

The programs introduced are:

  • Three Months Certificate in Islamic Banking and Finance [CIBF]
  • Associate Certificate in Islamic Banking and Finance [ACIBF]
  • Associate Certificate in Islamic Microfinance [ACIM]
  • Executive Associate Certificate in Islamic Banking and Finance [EACIBF]

In-house Training: if you have a group of 8 or more participants, consider having us run this course in-house for you.

Co-sponsored Training: between 7 to 10 participants, consider a co-sponsored course; you agree to send this set number of participants to the course if we run it in a city of your choice or near you, and IBFIN sells the remaining seats to other companies.

Just tell us where you want the course: let us know which city you would like us to run this course in, we will plan if there is enough demand.

Corporate Trainings

IBFIN will provide these trainings to the client organizations in a specific location, on schedule that suits their requirements. As a customer, you can inform IBFIN about specific area(s) of Islamic banking and finance in which your company requires training.

IBFIN also has several pre-designed training programs for professionals in Islamic banking and finance industry, which can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

As a customer, you dictate course duration, date and location, content and level. IBFIN believes in high-level knowledge transfer, also realize how precious your time and money are, therefore design all trainings accordingly, so that you glean the maximum time investment.

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