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Welcomes to Official Website of IBFIN

The Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Nigeria [IBFIN] is approved by the Federal Ministry of Education  of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria, as a limited liability  company, a subsidiary of Social Sciences and Islamic Resource Institute Ltd.

IBFIN is an Institute dedicated to provide a one-stop solution for Consultancy, Research and Training in the field of Islamic Banking, Islamic Insurance [Takaful] Islamic Finance, Islamic Wealth Management, Islamic Business and Islamic Economics. It is Nigeria’s first effort at providing professional and formal training, research and consultancy services in these areas.

IBFIN provides result-oriented services through a very holistic and comprehensive approach, which ensures that customers’ strategic goals are achieved. IBFIN provides a complete A to Z consultancy and training, as well as other complimentary services to its corporate and individual clients through a wide range of services, such as Consultancy, Training, Advisory, Research and Development, Project Supervision, Feasibility Studies, etc, all in the field of Islamic banking, Insurance, finance and economics.